Grilled Prawn Salad

Experience the Freshness of Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad

Among the diverse world of Italian cuisine, there exists a realm of lighter, more delicate creations that tantalise the taste buds by focusing on fresh ingredients and well-balanced flavours.

Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad is an enchanting dish that transports the diner to sun-kissed Italian shores through a celebration of vibrant flavours and beautiful textures. This delightful dish features an exquisitely curated combination of mixed lettuce, Spanish onion, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, Sicilian olives and, the star of the show, succulent grilled garlic prawns.

Embark on a culinary journey with us as we dive into the depths of this remarkable dish, uncovering the exquisite flavours and artistry that make Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad a true masterpiece. Allow the alluring combination of prawns, vegetables, and olives to paint a portrait of Italian freshness, evoking the gentle sea breeze and the harmonious essence of Italian cuisine.

Capturing the Flavours of the Mediterranean: Grilled Garlic Prawns

Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad owes its irresistible allure to the star ingredient – the succulent, garlic-infused grilled prawns. The prawns are sourced from some of the finest, most trusted providers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Known for their delicate, sweet flavour and tender texture, these prawns are marinated in a garlic-infused mixture by our expert chefs, who skillfully escalate the prawns’ natural charms, unlocking subtle nuances befitting the crown jewel of our salad.

Grilled to perfection, the prawns boast a lovely balance of flavours – their inherent sweetness is accentuated by the rich, pungent notes of garlic, while a slight smokiness imbues them with an irresistible charm. Together, they create a symphony that encapsulates the bold, yet refreshing essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

The Foundation of Freshness: Mixed Lettuce, Cherry Tomato, and Asparagus

A strong foundation is essential for any great dish, and our Grilled Prawn Salad relies on an exquisite blend of fresh, crisp mixed lettuce, ripe, juicy cherry tomatoes, and tender yet crunchy asparagus to create a lively base upon which the prawns shine. These ingredients are sourced with care, ensuring that their natural colours, textures, and flavours are preserved, allowing their inherent, vibrant qualities to shine through.

The mixed lettuce provides a lush, refreshing canvas for the other ingredients, while cherry tomatoes offer bursts of sweetness that meld harmoniously with the prawns. Meanwhile, the asparagus lends a delicate crunch and subtle depth that underscores the other flavours, contributing to the dish’s layered and harmonious taste profile.

An Ode to Sicily: Spanish Onions and Sicilian Olives

The heart of any Italian dish often lies in its ability to evoke a sense of place and transport the diner to the land from which it hails. The Spanish onion and Sicilian olives in our Grilled Prawn Salad serve this purpose, infusing the dish with the spirit of Italian cuisine.

The mild, slightly sweet taste of the Spanish onion contrasts beautifully with the salty, briny richness of the Sicilian olives, together heightening the dish’s Mediterranean allure. The combination of onion and olive imbues our salad with the distinctive essence of Italy, capturing the vibrant spirit of Sicily in every bite.

An Exquisite Finishing Touch: The Dressing

No salad is complete without a dressing that ties everything together, and Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad is no exception. Our chefs have crafted a delightful vinaigrette, designed to complement the multitude of flavours present in the dish. Combining the sharp tang of vinegar with the smooth, rich notes of extra virgin olive oil, the dressing alone is a beautiful testament to the ingenuity of Italian cuisine.

The inclusion of aromatic herbs and spices elevates the dressing to new heights, contributing an additional layer of complexity to an already exquisite dish. The result is a harmonious balance between the salad’s refreshing components and its depth of flavour, allowing the grilled garlic prawns to truly take centre stage in this extraordinary culinary creation.

Conclusion: Delight in the Refreshing Sensation of Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad

Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad stands as a testament to the versatility of Italian cuisine, combining the freshest of seasonal ingredients to create a dish that is both invigorating and satisfying. From perfectly grilled garlic prawns to the vivid freshness of mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and asparagus, and the sumptuous blend of Spanish onion and Sicilian olives, every bite promises a journey that is at once refreshing and indulgent.

Embark on an Italian culinary adventure with Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad, as it whisks you away to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily, and discover the true flavours of the Mediterranean encapsulated within this delightful masterpiece.

So why wait to experience the brilliance of our exquisite salad? Bring your friends and family together to share in the delightful experience of Marina Lunga’s Grilled Prawn Salad and allow the vibrant flavours and textures to captivate your senses and create unforgettable memories. We look forward to hosting you — book a table at our authentic Italian restaurant in Balmain!

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